Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Running Review or How I Got 0.06 The Way Around The World In 423 Days

     One of the things I wanted to accomplish this year was to increase my exercise and so I thought I would see how many miles and in how many places I could run before it was over. 
     I was never much of a runner growing up, but several years ago I trained for and completed a marathon, then fell off the "running wagon", started up again, completed a half-marathon and then continued with it.
     I bought a Nikeplus running sensor and that really motivated me as it kept a running total for me.  It worked fairly smoothly, with just a few technical glitches throughout the year and it has recorded that, as of today, the last day of my leave, I completed exactly 1600 miles in the last 14 months!
     I can't believe that I ran that much.  I'm so glad that I did.

September:  500 miles-San Diego

January-1,000 miles- San Diego

June-1,500 miles-Beach at Torrey Pines, San Diego
August 27, 2013:  The Last Day In The Year Of Bob-1,600 Mile Grand Total
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Mission accomplished!!!
     Looking back, I had some great runs in some interesting places. 

California beaches in September:  30 above
Saskatchewan city streets in December:  30 below

Less preferred

More preferred
(I ran every single day in the month of January in California)
Electric Run in February:   Del Mar Race Track, San Diego

Caught in a torrential downpour in November:  Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico

Lovely fall morning run:  Orrington, Maine
     So after 6 pairs of running shoes, 3 sets of headphones and countless ipod playlists, I am so glad that I kept it up over these past 14 months as it has left me feeling healthier and happier for the effort. 
     According to another site I used called DailyMile.com, which broke down my efforts in other ways, 1600 miles of running is also equivalent to the following:
Total Time:  268.34
Pounds Burned:  66
Total Workouts:  219
Around The World:  0.06
Televisions Powered:  3,853
Gas Saved:  84.20
Donuts Burned:  1,264 (this one's my favorite!)
Average Distance:  7.2 miles

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