Saturday, 21 July 2012

My Own Private "Rancho Relaxo"

A great start to this year!

You know that episode of "The Simpsons" where Homer and Marge go for a get-away to "Rancho Relaxo"? Well, that is how I feel about southern California. Like it's my own private Rancho Relaxo!! To kick off  "Bob's Big Adventure", I just spent two weeks in San Diego and let me tell you, it is good for what ails ya!

I think it's the perfect blend of sun, surf and sand that I find so great about this city. This picture pretty much sums up a perfect day down there for me. Give me a day at the beach with a good book and I am good to go. I love just about everything about this place. The pace of life is laid back (well, as a vacationer!), the people are friendly, it is easy to get around. It's all good!!

A perfect day!

Gettin' my geek on, at Comicon.
This year, I did something that I have never done before. I got to experience, first hand, the madness that is Comicon-a huge comic/pop culture convention that attract the 'die hardiest' of fans. I didn't have a ticket to attend any of the actual events, but I did take a day to go down and check out what was going on. After all, 140,000 people can't be wrong, right?? There was fantastic people watching opportunities as many of the 'enthusiasts' came dressed up as their favorite tv/movie/cartoon character! 

It was indeed a sight to see, but it was also a better one to leave as my pull was toward more 'relaxing' endeavors, as that was more where my head was at during this visit. Some quieter time at the beach, enjoying the California sun, reading, running, resting, relaxing, rejuvenating. There is something about the rhythm of the city that encourages you to step back, wind down and chill out. I always find any time I spend here to be incredibly relaxing.  

Whenever I visit San Diego, my motto is always "leave the house for the day" because you never know what sort of fantastic things are in store for you to experience.  It could be the sea breezes or the fantastic views or the great food or the terrific company or a perfect combination of all of the above. Life is good when every day you can experience this....

A morning at La Jolla.

The famous Torrey Pines.
Reconnecting with good friends
Beach time.
Torrey Pines State Reserve-Unbelievable.
Seriously, could there be any more shades of blue?
The perfect end to a perfect day

 I can't wait to return to see what else is waiting there.  Bob's Big Adventure has started out with a bang!  :)