Thursday, 8 August 2013

A Soft Place To Land

     I just spent a month back in my hometown after Dad passed away.  Part of the reason for staying so long was practical and part of the reason was healing. I enjoyed being 'home' again although I haven't lived there for 30 years!  

Casa Cowan
      Another reason for the extended stay was so to attend the Centennial Homecoming Celebration on the August long weekend.  Small towns do celebrations like this up right?  It was a great weekend that saw close to 1000 people there over the course of the long weekend.  It was great to get reacquainted with so many people!

Waiting for the parade

RCMP march kicks off the parade
Bredenbury Cougars

Reconnecting with life long friends;  it doesn't get better than that!
     I called this entry "A Soft Place To Land" because that is how I felt all month; comforted by familiar surroundings and loving, caring people.  What a blessing it was to spend this time there.  Dog River has nothing on Bredenbury!  :)

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