Thursday, 22 August 2013

A Little Mountain Therapy

          Realizing that the days of this fantastic year are becoming numbered, more precious and fewer, I decided for one more road trip to the west for some time in the mountains before the shackles of employment are upon me once again.  I had hoped to get to the mountains skiing this winter, but it just didn't happen, mostly because it was so damn cold.  Instead, I hit a hot spell in the summer for my visit.  Even better. 
     No trip out west is complete without my annual stop in Fort Macleod to see Lee, Stella and Clive.  As per usual, fun was had my all.  (merp!)

Our nightly entertainment--drinks around an evening fire
Annual "Book End" Pictures:
August 2012-

August 2013:
Can you tell the difference?? 

     Then, on to Radium Hot Springs for an evening in the healing waters, and then off the next day for lunch and a hike in Lake Louise and the rest of the day hiking around Bow Falls and enjoying the rest of Banff with some walking around town and drinks with Kara and Brian, a great couple I met on my trip to Costa Rica.  Such a beautiful part of the world.

Picturesque Lake Louise

Bow Falls in Banff

       A very rejuvenating week.  Great friends, great weather, great views.  A nice get away before having to do more than just think about going back to work next week.

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