Friday, 28 June 2013

Met My Goal

     So, one year ago today was the last day of work and the beginning of this terrific year.  I also started to keep track of my running miles, with the hope that I might acquire some miles over the course of the year.  In September, I hit 500 miles, in January I hit 1000 miles, and today I hit 1500 miles.... of running!!!  Me!  Who'd a thunk it?
A happy/pooped/hot/sweaty 1500 mile runner!
     The timing wasn't planned to coincide with the actual one year mark of when I started but it was cool that it worked out that way.  All three of these running milestones were met, coincidentally enough, in San Diego.  I do love the views at Torrey Pines and so today that is where I ran.
     I wonder if I have a couple hundred more miles in me before school starts again at the end of August?

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