Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Mexican Memories

   Last night, I flew home from three fantastic weeks in Puerto Vallarta.  Today, I am wondering why I returned!  I could get very used to endless days of sun, sand, surf and cervesa....particularly in the month of November.  So far, this year I have had incredible luck in the experiences I have had, but I think this one may have been my greatest coup to date!  There is nothing like hearing/knowing about the return of winter at home while you are sitting by the pool, reading a book, with the ocean at your feet.

     I was lucky enough to rent a condo from friends of mine in Nuevo Vallarta.


     The place was fantastic-so open and clean and scenic and private.  While I found the location to be a bit far from things at first, I soon came to really appreciate that because it was so quiet most of the time.
     The humidity was incredibly high the first two weeks I was there, but for the last week it was nearly perfect.  I enjoyed finding my way around either by foot, bike, bus or cab and I found it very easy to get around after a few days.
     But the best part of the whole trip was being able to share it with my sister and her husband who joined me for my last week.  We had such a great time.  Time went way too fast, so I guess we'll just have to return to enjoy it again!

Welcome to Puerto Vallarta...getting around just like a local

Loved the public transportation

Street market in Bucerias

Loved the fish tacos
It was so hot, steam came off this bottle of beer when I touched it.

Took a cooking class

Spent an evening making Mexican appetizers

Greatest seafood lunch, right on the beach!

Lunch is served at our very own swim-up bar!

Love this picture of my sister,Wendy and I

Happy and most welcome visitors

A great evening at "Rhythms of the Night"

buckling up..

securing the lines...

lift off...

and take off...

coming in for...

a perfect landing!!
A perfect ending to another perfect day!

"Day of the Dead" displays along the malecon
in Puerto Vallarta

Strolling along the malecon

Looking for some cold, delicious coconut juice with apples and pecans.
I loved that stuff!
Living sand sculptures along the malecon

Jungle walk into Bucerias
Duty free??

     And so once again, another month has brought with it more fantastic experiences.  I loved being somewhere new and being able to discover all the things this great place had to offer.  The people were so friendly and helpful, the weather was terrific (albeit humid-but I'm sure not complaining!!), the food, views and company were all outstanding.  I am so glad that I had the chance to experience this part of Mexico in this way.
     While I could have easily stayed for much longer just to be in that great weather, I feel like it was a great way to get a feel for life there.  And now, I must readjust to being back in the cold, but hopefully it won't be for too long.  And since I am going to be in it for awhile, I am going to try and embrace the winter and make the best of it.  (However, I can tell you right now that making plans to escape it won't be far from my mind either!)  
     And so, once again, I look forward to seeing what is out there this month.

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