Saturday, 1 September 2012

August Brings The Dog Days Of Summer

     I put alot of the"stay" in "staycation" in August.  "Not that there's anything wrong with that," as they said on Seinfeld.  August was hot.  August was relaxing.  August was slow.  August was great! 
     In that mix of long, hot days, I got to spend many of them at home in Saskatoon just relaxing and enjoying the luxury of time that this year is affording me.
A nice picnic lunch at the Saskatoon Forestry Farm with my great nephews Myles and Owen (and niece Janaya-behind the camera!!)
    I also got to spend some time with my family which was very nice.  I had a very pleasant weekend at Good Spirit Lake with my sister and my niece and her family which was terrific.  Spending time with a 3 and a 1 1/2 year old keeps everyone entertained, busy and delighted!  
Millar and Mac enjoying a watermelon treat at the lake. 
Life is GOOD!
     August 16th marked my Dad's 87th birthday, so it was great being able to be at home around his birthday to celebrate with him. 
Happy birthday, Dad!
Dad putting the finishing touches on his AWESOME
barbecued steaks!  Yum!

     As the middle of the month approached, I soon felt the need for another road trip, and so I packed up my reliable and faithful 1997 Saturn SL1 and I headed west.  And what says "west" better than Fort Macleod, Alberta!?  So, with my reservations made well in advance at Casa Holfeld, I spent two awesome days on either side of my trip even further west out to Kimberely, BC, with my dear friend Lee where she wined and dined me very well.
Oh, those summer nights!
Lee and Stella at Oldman River.
     We enjoyed nightly fires in the back yard, excellent meals, the local "talent" show in the theatre, some pool time with friends and a great dinner party over the course of my four day visit.  Thanks Lee for a great time (as always)!

Majestic Kootenay Mountains, British Columbia.
    So, pressing even further west, on I went to Kimberely, British Columbia in the beautiful Kootenay Mountains.  I couldn't have asked for nicer weather for the four days I spent here.  Hot days, clear skies, bear-free hikes and a great place to stay thanks to my friend and former principal Darrin for opening up (and trusting me in) the great place that he and his family are building there.  I enjoyed the tranquility and the beauty of the mountains. 

The impressive Marysville Falls.
At the top of Marysville Falls.
Just outside of Fernie, BC.

Also, no bears....which was great!
Quiet, pine scented hike in Kimberely, BC.


Good night, moon!



Typical summer prairie beauty
     And so tonight, as I sit here and reflect on all the great things I got to experience last month, I am reminded once again about what a lucky man I am.  The last two months have had a ring of familiarity to them, as many of the things I did I usually do in the summer.  But now, as my friends and colleagues return to work it has hit me how much there is to see and do in the rest of the year, at times and in ways that I have never had the luck or the opportunity to do before.  I can't wait to try and make the best of whatever comes my way.
     Today I flew back to San Diego to experience a different part of the city and at a different time of the year than I have been lucky to be here before.  And let me say, I have only been here for nine hours, but so far, SO GOOD!!

September 1, all Septembers should begin!!  :)
     As ever, I look forward to seeing what is out there on this leg of the adventure!!  

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