Friday, 14 September 2012

All Septembers Should Be Like This


     To say that September started off well would be an understatement!  The bar has been set fairly high, that's for sure! 

     What a fantastic way to begin the official start to this year but by returning to my favorite city for the entire month and staying in a part of the city that is new to me.  And I have lucked into the most incredible place to call home for the month.  I could easily get used to living in such style!!

Courtyard leading down to my suite!

My home complete with my own private pool!
Not too bad at all!
     The house is incredible and owned by the friendliest and most interesting people.  The place was built in the 1960s and was originally the Danish Embassy.  The couple who own it are very interesting.  He is an Emmy winning  journalist and she is a PR rep for her daughter, Sarah Reinertsen, who is the first female parathlete to complete the Ironman Triathalon in Kona, Hawaii. 
     This great place is located in the Point Loma area of the city, which I have never really spent much time in.  It is beautiful.  The place sits at the top of a hill, half a mile west is the ocean and a beautiful area, which is aptly known as Sunset Cliffs.  Half a mile going east is the harbor.  It is win-win either no matter which way you go!  :)
     Highlights of the trip so far include the heat and sunny skies, spectacular sunsets, Tall Ships Festival, sand sculpture competition, scenic beaches, Dave Matthews concert, Ocean Beach farmer's market, time with friends at a Padres game, great runs along the unbelievable beaches and vistas of the Pacific Ocean, time to read, relax and reflect. 
     I think pictures say more than words, so:
Spectacular views at Sunset Cliffs

Ocean Beach Farmer's Market--Awesome!


Don't think I will ever get tired of seeing things like this!

Impressive sand sculptures

Tall Ships Festival     

Pier at Ocean Beach

Cheerin' on the Padres

Rockin' my favorite new t-shirt at the Padres game
     And that is just the first half of this first incredible month!  Pinch me!!  Whose life have I stumbled into? Here's to much more of the same!!  Hope it keeps coming like this!  


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  1. You sure have a way with words and pictures, my friend! When I think about what you're doing and where you are going next on your adventure I get all dreamy. As I have said before, I am living vicariously through you this year! Keep on livin' the life and having fun! Fantastic!