Sunday, 3 February 2013

Electric Run

     What doesn't sound fun about running, at night, on a horse race track, with 10,000 other people, in southern California on a Saturday night?  That's what I thought when my friend Arlie invited me to come along with her to the first ever, sold-out Electric Run in Del Mar.  And it was, indeed, all it was hyped up to be!

     The "swag bag" for this event included, not only a t-shirt, but glo-stick sunglasses! So, we assembled them beforehand while 'tailgaiting', waited for the sun to go down and for the fun to begin. 
     When they called us to the start line, 10,000 glowing and neon clad people lined up!
All "geeked up" and ready to go!

One of many getting ready to start!

     We stood in line for about 40 minutes as they released 1,000 people at at time onto the course!  We were first in line (literally) in the 6,000 group to be released!  The 5K course meandered around the famous  Del Mar Horse Race Track and had blaring music and elaborate light shows about every half K or so.

Glow in the dark hula hoopers

One of the stations

Colorful plam trees and SuperArlie

Lights in the trees

Lights on the water
Yep, it was like that!
A successful finish under the disco balls!
     Once we were done running on, around, beside and even under the track, there were even more lights, music, drinks, food vendors and spectular people watching.  Even the sprinkle of rain didn't dampen our spirits.  So, all in all, not  a bad way to spend a Saturday night in February! 

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