Saturday, 19 January 2013

On Becoming A Self-Proclaimed "Proclaimer" or The Day I Ran 1,003 Miles or "Run, Forrest, Run!"

  I would walk (run) five hundred miles
and I would walk (run) five hundred more
Just to be the man who walked (runs) a thousand miles
to fall down at your door
-The Proclaimers
     So, if my NikePlus running sensor is to be believed, today I surpassed 1,000 miles of running in 127 runs since Bob's Big Adventure began on the last day of school/first day of "holidays" on June 29, 2012 (1,003 miles actually!!)  Ironically, I ran the exact same route I did when I reported having reached 500 miles in September!  Luckily, I am staying at the same place I was then in San Diego and the route is right outside my door.  It was an equally beautiful day.  It's still hard to believe that it can be this sunny and warm in January, but it was! 

The endorphine-fueled face of someone who has just ran 1,003 miles!!
The view at 1,000 miles!
Pretty much worth it!
The Pacific Ocean from Cabrillo Point in
Point Loma, San Diego, California.

...and no, the beauty and my luck and good fortune is NEVER lost on me!
      I enjoyed the hills, the ocean view and the warm, warm sunshine.  I am not sure I will ever get used to being in shorts in January, but I sure do like it!!  It makes me wonder when, where (and who the hell am I kidding) even if the 1500 mile mark will occur!!  I do know that I sure will enjoy trying to get there! 

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