Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Carpe Diem

     Today, I learned of two people I knew who recently passed away.  I did not know either of them very well, but it got me to thinking about the importance of "carpe diem" or 'seizing the day'.  I used to think that 'carpe diem' meant to go out and do a whole bunch of things you liked to do in a day, but now I realize it is about mindfully doing things that work you toward 'following your bliss'.

     And so today, with more focused attention on how fortunate and grateful I am to be here having this wonderful time and opportunity, I went about my day with a more "Carpe Diem" focus in mind. 
     So as I rose at 8 am to bright sunshine and cobalt blue skies, as I went for a 10 mile run in bright sunshine, warmth (and short pants....in January!!!!), as I drove half a mile to the coastline and read my book about being happy ("The Myths of Happiness:  What Should Make You Happy But Doesn't, What Shouldn't Make You Happy But Does" by Sonja Lyubomirsky) on the sundrenched California beach until the sun set into the ocean, as I posted a letter I wrote to my Dad and sister,  as I went to a hot yoga class and then, as I ended the evening with a nice piece of chocolate cake and a chai latte, my luck, good fortune and gratefullness for all the opportunities I have had so far this year was not lost on me.   
     Now, as I look forward to having my siser, Brenda, join me here for a week, I realize that the approach of the half-way point of this tremendous year is drawing close and I am excited, grateful and ever curious to see how I can "seize" the days in the next half of the year as well!



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