Monday, 8 October 2012

It really is a helluva town!!

Can't have much more of a
typical New York experience than this!
     I can't believe what an amazing week this has been!!  In the past seven days, I  have slept in San Diego, Saskatoon, Washington DC and New York City.  It's been awesome!
      Chilly autumn weather quickly replaced the warm California sun while I was home for two days before boarding a plane last Thursday and flying to Washington DC.  I am so lucky to be able to stay with my dear friends Rich, Mona, Zoe and Elinor while I am here.  We had a great day together before we packed up and promptly left for a fantastic, two-day, whirl-wind weekend in The Big Apple!  We had a blast in New York City and covered a whole lot of ground in 48 hours!
     This was definitely a memorable Thanksgiving/Columbus Day weekend, to say the least!  Late night driving, train, ferry and taxi rides, New York cheesecake, staying in New Jersey, crowds, smells, pizza, being thwarted by the subway token tolls and machines, High Park, Ellis Island, Statue of Liberty, carriage ride in Central Park, 9/11 Memorial at World Trade Center, Peace Towers, supper at a great French restaurant in Times Square, a Broadway musical, a rat, supper in SoHo and to top it all off, a helicopter ride over Manhattan pretty much sums up the most excitement I have packed into 48 hours in recent memory.  Great times, great memories, awesome friends!!
Moon Over Manhattan

This was the view from our hotel!

Not a bad view on a Friday night!

"Empty Sky" 9/11 Memorial to the victims from New Jersey


At the Statue of Liberty.


Carriage Ride in Central Park.

Dessert in SoHo at "Rice to Riches"-who knew there were that many varieties of rice pudding!
Matinee of Broadway play "Spiderman:  Turn Off The Dark".

Broadway and 42nd Street.

The humanity that is Times Square.

One of the many who are enjoying the atmosphere in Times Square for the evening.
Preparing for a definite "Bucket List" item !!
Manhattan from 'above'!

Central Park and so much more!

The helicopter was brand new and cost 3 million dollars!

      This has been an amazing kick-off to the east coast leg of my adventure.  What an incredible part of the world.  I feel so lucky to be able to see it in such a way.  And, as always, I am sure looking forward to seeing what else is out there!

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